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Professional Alerting Products

Gorman-Redlich is probably most well-known today for our high quality broadcast alerting products.  For decades, we have provided reliable, affordable EBS, EAS, and CAP-based FEMA IPAWS equipment that allows radio, television, cable, and satellite providers to pass along government-required emergency messages to their viewers, listeners, and subscribers.


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When our professional alerting products are installed in a public space such as a school campus, industrial facility, office building, hospital, convert venue, or on public streets, they provide a first line of defense that – first and foremost – helps save lives and property while also creating a level of preparedness that helps ensure business continuity when disaster strikes.


Over-the-Air Alerting

Noaa_all_hazards.svgSince 1979, Gorman-Redlich Mfg. Co. has been crafting quality, US-made, broadcast quality NOAA Weather Radio receivers for use in general public safety applications outside of broadcast environments – although many broadcasters use this receiver to feed alerts into their EAS equipment.

Environment_CanadaThat tradition of emergency alerting excellence continues today with the current generation model CRW-S Weather Radio Receiver.  The CRW-S receives over-the-air emergency messages generated by NOAA’s National Weather Service in the United States or by Environment Canada’s Weatheradio in Canada.

Easy integration capabilities on the CRW-S enable it to provide audio alert tones and emergency information directly from the weather service’s transmitter to a venue’s public address or intercom system.  Visual warnings can be provided by using the unit’s relay feature to trigger emergency lighting or signals or basic alert information can be displayed on digital signage when used in conjunction with the optional LED signboard.

Next Generation Alerting

Previously available for use only by licensed broadcasters, our latest product, the CAPWATCH, harnesses the power of next generation alerting tools and brings them to the public.

CAPWATCH receives official government-originated alert data via the internet (high speed internet connection required).  That raw alert data is processed by the system into useful, real-world notification paradigms:

  • Multilingual text-to-speech (TTS) technology allows the alert information to be transmitted through existing public address and intercom systems.
  • Advanced alert information, including event details and instructions can be displayed on digital signage when used in conjunction with the optional LED signboard.
  • Email capabilities enable communication tools to inform a wider audience nearly instantly of impending hazardous situations and instructions to help mitigate risk.
  • Uniform Alert Information is provided across alerting methods to avoid confusion or conflicting information.
  • External warning devices can be triggered using the unit’s relay feature to provide additional audiovisual notifications.
  • CAPWATCH is highly configurable to respond only to the alert types and locations that you are interested in – no more false positive alerts from half a state away.
  • CAPWATCH allows administrators to generate your own alerts locally

In addition to processing official hazard messages originated by the National Weather Service, CAPWATCH allows administrators and emergency coordinators to initiate their own free-form warning messages to be distributed through the same robust set of notification channels.

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