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Instruction Downloads
Equipment Data Sheets
Audio Downloads
Software Downloads

Equipment Instructions

Starting off (When The EAS-1 Arrives)
EAS Programming Instructions
EAS-1/EAS-1CG Manual
OLD Setup Instructions (Programming)
How to send an Emergency Message
Rear Panel Description
EAS Telephone Interface Instructions
EAS Logging Overview
EAS Logging with HyperTerminal
CAP-DEC 1 User Guide

Equipment Data Sheets

EAS-1 Data Sheet
EAS-1 TV/CG Data Sheet
CRW-S NOAA Weather Radio Data Sheet
CAP-DEC 1 (US) Data Sheet
CAP-DEC CP (Canada) Data Sheet
CMR Antenna Monitor Data Sheet

EAS Test Audio Downloads

NOTE: Before playing these tones you should turn down your system’s volume level.

Required Weekly Test (RWT)
Required Monthly Test (RMT)
Tornado Warning
853 Hz Tone
960 Hz Tone
1562.5 Hz Tone
2083 Hz Tone

Software Downloads

To download these files, right-click on the name of the file you want to download and select “Save Link As…” (Firefox users) or “Save Target
As…” (MSIE users) and select the location to which you wish to save the file. Once the download has completed, navigate to the file using
Windows Explorer and extract all the files in the zip archive to the desired location.

Certificate installation guide v1.02
(2024) CAPDEC Certificate Bundle – IGC Device CA2 (exp2032), IGC Root CA 1 (exp2034)
(OLD) CAPDEC Certificates (for CAP-DEC 1 software v2.76.3+)

NOTE: The downloads below contain setup software for Gorman-Redlich EAS-1 units and are for use by current
Gorman-Redlich customers. This software is used to set up the EAS-1 unit to specify counties in the listening area, county of license, operator
and technician passwords, station call letters, state primary status and additional parameters. These zipped files are password protected.
Please contact Gorman-Redlich for password.

The Windows version (Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible) of the setup software should be used for EAS-1 Firmware v9.2 and above while the DOS setup software should be used for firmware v8.0 to v9.1.

Contact Gorman-Redlich for instructions on EAS units with firmware v8.0 and earlier.

Windows EAS Setup (firmware v9.9.5+ / 20.9.7+)
Windows EAS Setup (firmware v9.9.1 / 20.9.5)
Windows EAS Setup (firmware v9.8)

Windows EAS Setup (firmware v9.2 to v9.7)

DOS EAS Setup (firmware v9.1 or below)