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As many of you know by now, TFT has ceased operation and is no longer selling or servicing Emergency Alert System (EAS) equipment.  As many of our CAP-DEC 1 users may be using the CAP-to-EAS device in conjuction with TFT EAS equipment, this may have prompted some concern in regard to complying with mandates set forth in the FCC’s 6th R&O.

Below is the information that we received from TFT regarding EAS911 devices to ensure compliance.

A Message from Darryl Parker

In its Sixth Report and Order, EB Docket 04-296, Review of the Emergency Alert System, released on June 8, 2015, the Federal Communications Commission adopted “six zeroes” (000000) as the national location code and required that EAS Participants’ equipment process a National Periodic Test (NPT) Event Code for future national, regional, state and local activations as well as tests.

All TFT EAS Encoder/Decoders and EAS Decoders (Only) already comply with these requirements, regardless of firmware version. The current firmware versions are V.87.2.EN and V.87.1.SP for EAS911; V.87.0.EN and V.87.4.EN for EAS911D; V.2.10 for EAS911+.  It is recommended that units with other firmware versions installed be upgraded to the current level.

These are the procedures to insure that your TFT device will process these newly adopted FCC requirements:

Manual Mode – No changes in programming need to be made.  All valid received EAS messages, regardless of Event code and Location code(s), are available for forwarding by the operator.  Either the One Button Manual Forward (FAST FWD) method or longer method requiring entry of the Primary Password may be used.

Auto Forward Mode

  1. Make sure AUTO Mode is invoked and that the amber AUTO LED on the front panel is illuminated.
  2. Make sure that Setup Menu Item 10 has a ♦ character to the left of Event “NPT”.
  3. Make sure that Setup Menu Item 12 includes “000000”, “All United States” in the Locations to AutoForward.  If it does not, use Setup Menu Item 11 to add “000000” to the list of Locations to AutoForward.