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Watch Dog FM/AM/WX receiver

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From RF Engineers and inspired by the former Dayton Industrial receivers that we all came to love, the Watch Dog is a truly versatile FM / AM / NOAA Weather receiver, real-time RDS decoder, and configurable alarm system.

The Watch Dog is a truly versatile FM / AM / NOAA Weather receiver, real-time RDS decoder, and configurable alarm system. Designed with Broadcast Radio and 24x7x365 operation in mind, the Watch Dog receiver contains a 32-bit microprocessor and Software-Defined Radio (SDR) receiver core running on top of an industrial standard Real-Time Operating System (RTOS).

Featuring Class AB balanced audio / StudioHub+ and Class AB single-ended audio output, the Watchdog’s modular and swappable audio section means future expansion capabilities, including the planned AES3 audio output module. The fully configurable monitoring and alarm system notifies you of signal problems immediately, either via front panel LEDs and/or rear panel open-collector outputs. Programmable API / easy automation means that the Watch Dog can be used to fulfill a variety of needs and can be used in a variety of roles.


  • Receiver modes FM, AM, NOAA Weather, RDS
  • Real-time RDS PI, PTY, PS. and RadioText fields
  • Audio output Class AB balanced audio with StudioHub+ connector and Class AB single-ended audio with 3.5mm phone jack, both with independently controllable volume; modular and swappable audio section with future planned capability for AES3 and other audio output formats
  • Alarms Low RSS, low SNR, silence, RDS loss, pilot loss, NOAA 1,050 Hz alert tone
  • Alarm outputs Fully configurable and independently assignable front panel LEDs x 3 and rear panel open-collector GPOs x 4
  • Configuration Stored in internal EEPROM, updated via free RFEngineers, Inc. Watch Dog Dashboard software for Windows or using any serial terminal program
  • Mounting Using included mounting bar or optional DIN rail adapter
  • Tamper-resistant Settings only accessible via USB cable
  • Fail-safe operation Always returns to last working configuration upon power-up or after recovering from power loss; built-in hardware Watch Dog Timer resets receiver to last working configuration from internal EEPROM in event of malfunction

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