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CAP-DEC1 2022 Report & Order Compliance

Triggered IPAWS Polling & Header Translation Updates

The latest FCC Report & Order, FCC 22-75, makes a number of changes to Part 11 rules – including updates to the translation of certain header codes, fixed scripts for certain EAS activations, and implementation of triggered IPAWS polling upon receipt of an over-the-air alert – and you may be wondering whether your Gorman-Redlich CAP-DEC 1 will remain in compliance with the new FCC rules.

The short answer is YES, your CAP-DEC1 is, and will continue to be, compliant when used in conjunction with Gorman-Redlich EAS encoder/decoder units.

Updates are being rolled out for EAS-1 firmware and CAP-DEC1 software to implement these new requirements as well as to add some great new features to make managing your station’s alerts easier. Make sure that you are subscribed to Gorman-Redlich Common Alerting Protocol Updates to be notified when the updates are available.

These changes include modifications of the translation of EAN, NPT, and PEP header codes, as well as the implementation of standardized text for Nationwide Test Alerts in the Legacy EAS format.

Also included in this update is our new CAP-On-Demand™ feature, which polls IPAWS for a matching Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) formatted message when a legacy over-the-air message is received by a Gorman-Redlich EAS-1 encoder/decoder with the latest firmware. Note that, due to the enhanced communication between the EAS and CAP devices, this feature may not work when the CAP-DEC1 is used with third-party EAS devices from other manufacturers. Gorman-Redlich EAS-1 units, including a limited number of discounted factory-refurbished pre-owned units, will be available for purchase.

The deadline to have these changes in place is in December 2023. Update development and testing is complete and updates are being rolled out now. Keep an eye on this page and the CAP-DEC Update page for further information.