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CAPWATCH Alerting Solution

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see also: CRW-S NOAA Weather Radio

The Gorman-Redlich Common Alerting Protocol Weather Alert Total Coverage Hub (CAPWATCH) is a total alerting solution for industrial facilities, educational and healthcare institutions, event venues, and any other occupied space while reducing or eliminating over-alerting that happens with some other systems.

Emergencies Happen – Be Ready Be prepared to respond to emergency events with a CAPWATCH system; request a quote today.

The CAPWATCH unit, with SENTRY software interfaces with the internet-based National Weather Service CAP v1.2 Common Alerting Protocol alert feed to quickly receive, filter, process, and distribute timely notifications of severe weather events. Additionally, the unit also allows administrators – such as security and life-safety personnel – to generate local emergency events to be distributed to the desired audience.

Stop Over-Alerting!

When you need pin-point accuracy in your alerting, you need the Gorman-Redlich CAPWATCH. Unlike FIPS-based alerting systems – such as NOAA Weather Radio – which send alerts with county-wide granularity, the CAPWATCH allows users to enter their LAT/LONG geo-coordinates and only receive alerts which directly impact their location.

In many FIPS-based systems, if an event impacts any portion of a county, the warning is typically sent out for the entire county. CAPWATCH’s geo-location filtering means that you won’t be taking actions for a situation that is occurring dozens or hundreds of miles away in the opposite corner of your county.


  • Full Alert Information including event headline, description, and response instructions
  • Crystal clear text-to-speech (TTS) rendering of Alert Information
  • Configurable alert message start/end tones
  • Multiple audio-out options for alert TTS and tone output
  • Audio loop-through with alert audio interrupt
  • Relay contact closure to activate external equipment such as lights, sirens, PA systems, intercoms, accessibility devices, and more
  • Alert notifications by email with full Alert Information
  • RS232 serial output of Alert Information text for video and digital signage solutions
  • Print Alert Information to attached or networked printer
  • Local custom alert generation with Quick-Text message building
  • Administration email updates on connection status
  • Fully configurable NOAA event selection
  • Geographic message filtering by FIPS (county) code or lat/long coordinates
  • Logging of all processed alerts
  • AES-128 encrypted administrator password protection to control access
  • Remote administration with optional 3rd-party software
  • Rugged SSD storage
  • 19″ 1RU rack-mount
  • VGA monitor attachment
  • USB and PS/2 keyboard/mouse attachment
  • NO SUBSCRIPTIONS – perpetually free alerts from official government sources

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