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Model CMR-1 Remote Controller-Repeater

For use with CMR Antenna Monitor

The model CMR-1 may be used for hardwire remote control and remote reading of the Model CMR Antenna Monitor. The two units are connected by a mulitconductor cable up to 1500 ft. long. Because the reading of the CMR-1 will exactly duplicate those of the Model CMR weekly remote metering calibration is not necessary. A LOCAL-REMOTE switch on the CMR front panel transfers control to the CMR-1 when it is set to REMOTE; when it is set to LOCAL, control reverts to the CMR.


  • Signal Inputs: Multiplexed BCD from Mod. CMR antenna monitor.
  • Power: 100-135 V, 2 Watts, 50-60 hz.
  • Display: .5″ LED.
  • Dimensions: 19″ Rack mount, 3 1/2″ high, 4″ deep.


  • Steel front panel, grey enamel silk-screened finished
  • With engraved aluminum front panel, brushed finished
  • Prices include cable connectors. Cable extra on a per foot basis.