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Being Prepared Means Installing Gorman-Redlich!

Emergencies unfold in a heartbeat. Be ready by integrating a Gorman-Redlich alerting system with your existing infrastructure.

From severe weather like tornadoes and flash flooding to industrial accidents to human events like an Active Attacker situation, we provide the tools you need to help protect your campus and the people visiting, working, or living there – all with no costly subscriptions.

Our commercial and industrial alerting equipment processes severe weather information from Official Government Alerting Sources that will impact your location and distributes it through a variety of channels – including PA/intercom systems with crystal-clear Text-to-Speech technology, digital signage, email, light/siren activation, and more – as well as providing the capability to generate your own alert messages for local emergencies.

Over-the-Air or Over-the-Internet, Get the Timely Alerts YOU Need!

Gorman-Redlich has more than 40 years experience in emergency alerting for broadcaster and institutional applications.

Our flagship NOAA Weather receiver, model CRW-S, is a broadcast-quality professional weather radio that receives alert data directly over the air from your local National Weather Service broadcast transmitter and filters them by user-specified (county-based) locations and event codes to ensure that your system is only triggered by events that impact your location. Audio-interrupt relays and serial data output allow this information to be injected into your facility’s PA system with NWS-generated audio as well as driving LED signage using the Alpha Protocol. Relay contact closures also allow filter-matched alerts to trigger external equipment such as emergency lighting, sirens, and more.

Our latest line of alerting equipment, the CAPWATCH alerting system with SENTRY software, instantly receives more detailed Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) formatted alerts directly from the National Weather Service over the internet, allowing for distribution of more detailed alerting information – including additional event details and instructions for the immediate action that should be taken in response to the weather emergency.

The CAPWATCH system also features a more robust and expandable set of external equipment integration and alert distribution. This includes more digital signage integrations, clear multilingual text-to-speech audio, email notifications, social media capabilities, and precise geo-targeting down to your site’s exact lat/long coordinates. This system also provides safety personnel the ability to remotely monitor the equipment as well as the capability to generate and distribute local alerts that reflect the realities of today’s modern world such as chemical spills, fires, or other industrial accidents, active shooter scenarios, or anything else.

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