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Request CAP Software Update

Having the latest software version gives access to the newest features of the CAP-DEC 1 user interface and more.

The current CAP-DEC1 software version is: v2.76.4 build 10.31.2019. Software v2.76.3 or above is now required to be Part 11 compliant.  Your CAP-DEC 1 details are shown in the top “title bar” of the unit’s on-screen user interface and will include the version number and build date in the format vX.XX.X build MM.DD.YYYY.  If you need your unit to be updated to the latest version, please use the Request Update form below.

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• Software 2.75.0 and below do not verify CAP message digital signatures as is now required by Part 11.56(c).
• Software v2.76.0 – v2.76.2 provides basic message digital signature verification that the message is correctly signed by the embedded certificate.
• Software v2.76.3+ both verifies that the message is correctly signed by the embedded certificate as well as checking certificate validity.
• The previous Federal Bridge CA 2016 certificate expires on 11.8.2019. To ensure continued full validation of digital signatures, users with software v2.76.3+ should install the new Federal Bridge CA 2016 certificate expiring 10.28.2020.
• Upgrades from software v2.75.0 and below to v2.76.0+ require a $200 upgrade fee which includes new software, certificate update, and remote installation by a Gorman-Redlich technician.
• Users with W10 and up-to-date W7 systems should continue to successfully receive alerts once IPAWS begins using TLS1.2-only on the alert feeds.

If payment is required:
To pay online with CC/Debitcomplete payment here, fill out form below, include last 4 of card in “other Info”

To pay by check:  fill out form below, include check number in “other info” and mail to:
Gorman-Redlich Mfg. Co
CAP Software Update
257 W Union St
Athens, OH  45701

To pay by phone:  Fill out form below, include telephone number in “other info”, and call (740)593-3150


Do not include personal information (such as credit card information) in this form other than last-4 digits for online payments.