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Request CAP Software Update

Having the latest software version gives access to the newest features of the CAP-DEC 1 user interface and more. Click here for information about compliance with FCC R&O 22-75. In order to meet the new FCC requirements, both the CAP-DEC1 and the Gorman Redlich EAS1 encoder-decoder must be updated. Using the CAP-DEC1 with 3rd-party EAS equipment may require update from the manufacturer or replacement of equipment.

Software v2.81 or above is now required to be Part 11 compliant.  Your current CAP-DEC 1 version is shown in the top “title bar” of the unit’s on-screen user interface and will include the version number and build date in the format vX.XX.X build MM.DD.YYYY. The latest available build is shown in the “Available Version” box on the interface (v2.80+ only).  If you need your unit to be updated to the latest version, please use the Request Update form below.

Gorman-Redlich recommends ensuring that your CAP-DEC1 operating system is kept up to date, including installing all Windows 10 updates. If your unit is still running Windows 7, please contact us to upgrade to Windows 10.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Gorman Redlich Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) update emails.

To request updates complete the form below. Once the correct update for your system is determined, you will be sent an invoice and be contacted for Gorman-Redlich to perform the system update via TeamViewer QuickSupport (link will be emailed).
NOTE: We are experiencing intermittent issues with the contact form. If the form does not submit correctly, please use another contact method listed on the contact page.


  • CAPDEC software from v2.76+ to v2.81+: $150
  • CAPDEC software from pre-v2.76 to v2.81: $300
  • CAPDEC Certificate Installation: $100
  • CAPDEC operating system updates: $50
  • EAS1 firmware update from v9.9/v20.9: $150
  • EAS1 firmware update from pre-v9.9/v20.9: $300


    • Software 2.81+ adds the functionality mandated by FCC R&O 22-75 for header translations and CAP-on-Demand (COD) IPAWS polling upon receipt of an over-the-air alert. Due to the communication between the CAP-DEC1 and EAS encoder/decoder required by the mandated changes, CAPDEC v2.81+ must be used in conjunction with a Gorman-Redlich EAS1 or compatible encoder/decoder.
      • v2.81.0.02-.03 add randomization for latest version check and fixes for newline handling in digital signature verification.
    • Software v2.76.3+ verifies that the message is correctly signed by the embedded certificate as well as checking certificate validity.
    • The previous Federal Bridge certificate has expired. To ensure continued full validation of digital signatures, users with software v2.76.3+ should install the latest Federal Bridge CA certificate.
    • Users with W10 and up-to-date W7 systems will continue to receive alerts after the IPAWS switch to TLS1.2-only on the alert feeds. W7 systems that have not been kept up to date may need to have manual updates applied.